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Somerville’s Metro9 condos on sale starting at $465,000

Eight-story building’s 100 units started life as apartments known as Millbrook Lofts

Photo via Berkeley Investments

Several listings for the eight-story, 100-unit Metro9 condo complex between East Somerville and Inner Belt in Somerville have dropped recently, completing a conversion from apartments that began in late 2017.

That conversion proved controversial, with some tenants accusing developer Berkeley Investments of blindsiding them with the plans. The chief complaint was that the rents were high enough, and the condo prices would be even more expensive—prohibitively so in some cases.

As it stands, the new condos are expected to range in price from $465,000 to $999,000. The most expensive one available right now is Unit 714 on the seventh floor. It’s a 1,057-square-foot two-bedroom, two-bathroom asking $969,000.

The least expensive right now at Metro9 appears to be Unit 205, a 656-square-foot one-bedroom, one-bathroom asking $514,200.

All owners have access to amenities such as a fitness center, a dog-washing station, and a roof deck. And all owners also apparently have access to exposed concrete columns, if the above photo of a model unit is any guide. What’d you think?

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