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Arlington Center Victorian with farmers porch on sale for $880,000

Nine-room house dating from 1890 sits across from the Minuteman Bikeway

Photos via Ann Mahon/Leading Edge

The nine-room, 2,770-square-foot Victorian at 115 Summer Street in Arlington’s Arlington Center comes complete with a farmers porch that looks across at the Minuteman Bikeway, one of the better options for trailing about the Boston region.

The house is on sale now through Anne Mahon for $880,00.

It includes the potential for a whopping six bedrooms. There are also all sorts of touches that convey the house’s vintage—circa 1890—including the butler’s pantry, the hardwood floors, the built-in china cabinet, the two fireplaces—the entire foyer, in fact—and pocket doors.

There’s also a pink bathroom. Have a look around.