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Where should Boston prioritize market-rate housing development?

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Besides ‘everywhere’—sound off


Mayor Marty Walsh has committed Boston to facilitating the construction of 69,000 new apartments and condos by 2030, most of them market-rate.

It’s a big step up from the previous goal in 2014 of 53,000 units by the same end point. Whether it’ll actually help bring down Boston’s notoriously high rents and prices is another matter—but it’s a laudable start.

The city certainly needs more housing. Boston’s population is booming and years upon years of poor or insufficient planning and rolls of red tape have left the city without sufficient stock to meet demand. Hence the high prices (there are other, less monumental reasons, too).

One of the challenges inherent in Walsh’s commitment for Boston is where to put these new units. Some neighborhoods, like Eastie, are so over major development. And others, like much of downtown, don’t really have the footprints for it.

Where then should Boston put this housing? Or, more to the point, which areas need it and want it—and therefore should jump to the front of the line between now and 2030? That’s our open thread this week. Go.