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What have been the Boston area’s biggest transit mistakes and missed opportunities?

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Peter Alfred Hess/Flickr

There is so much going on transportation-wise in the Boston area at any given moment that it can be difficult to keep it all straight.

There are at least two major bridge projects underway or planned right now (and a big one just wrapped up). Federal and state forces are expanding the Green Line, one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the U.S. The T is getting new cars. Bus service is expanding or has recently expanded. The MBTA has lighted a candle for the CharlieCard. Bike-shares are everywhere. Etc.

But what more needs to be done? And what more could have been done or should have been done? That’s our latest open thread: The missed opportunities and mistakes as far as transportation goes in the Boston region.

We’ve explored the topic before, though mostly related to how the T ultimately unrolled. What else, though? Sound off in the comments section below.