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South End parking spaces on sale for $200,000 total

Don’t laugh—that’s a pretty good deal on Boston parking historically

Photo via Commonwealth Real Estate

Two tandem parking spaces are on sale in the Rollins Square Garage at 25 Savoy Street in the fast-changing South End. The price? A cool $200,000 total.

While that sum is roughly the median U.S. home price, it’s actually kind of a bargain by downtown Boston parking standards—and downtown Boston garaged parking standards at that.

Prices can easily ascend to well above $200,000 or even $300,000; and a downtown Boston spot usually starts in at least the mid-five figures. Of course, the asking tag generally depends on the exact location.

The South End is one of those neighborhoods where parking prices really pop. And here are two spaces essentially retailing for $100K each. What’d you think?