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MBTA buses to include homage to Rosa Parks

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It will come via a decal on either front left windows or LED fixtures

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All buses in the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority system will have to include a sticker either on the front left window or on the LED fixture honoring the late civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks, due to legislation that Governor Charlie Baker signed on January 10.

Parks famously refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a Montgomery, Alabama, bus in December 1955, touching off a boycott that led to a Supreme Court decision ending segregation in public transportation.

”The MBTA looks forward to honoring Ms. Parks and recognizing her monumental contribution to the civil rights movement,” the agency said in a statement.

State Senator Walter Timilty sponsored the legislation. The effort began, however, with one of his constituents. Braintree resident Natalie Ornell saw a Rosa Parks decal on a bus in Miami, and began pushing for such stickers back home in the Boston area.