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Boston Elevated Railway system map from 1925 shows how it presaged the modern T

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Last elevated train stopped rolling as recently as 2004

Sullivan Square in 1913, along the present-day Orange Line.
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On June 25, 2004, the last elevated train stopped rolling in the Boston area. For more than a century before, that was how hundreds of thousands of people got around the region: By train and trolley via massive steel tracks, bridges, etc., overhead.

New York City-based artist Jake Bermanwho in November 2018 famously brought you a map of the T from 50 years back—is out with a rendering of the Boston Elevated Railway system map from 1925, when it was nearing its peak of reach and usage.

Using information from the City of Boston, Berman shows not only that reach but how the design of the elevated system came to presage where the T would run under the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Check it out.

Courtesy of Jake Berman