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Marlborough Street townhouse with two roof decks and a two-car garage drops for $9M

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Renovated Back Bay spread also includes an elevator to five floors

Photos via Campion & Co.

The 14-room, 6,200-square-foot townhouse at 445-447 Marlborough Street in Back Bay is the product of both the combination of two townhouses and a modern renovation that involved Boston-based Hacin + Associates.

The capacious spread—which includes two roof decks, a two-car garage, and an elevator to five floors—is on sale through Campion & Company for a cool $8,995,000.

The house, the bones of which date from 1885, also includes several pairs in addition to the roof decks and the garaged parking spaces: Two half-baths, two kitchenettes, two wet bars, and two gas grill hookups.