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New Orange Line cars to start debuting in early spring

Once expected before the end of 2018, they’re now anticipated sometime after mid-March

Boston Globe via Getty Images

The first six of 152 new Orange Line cars that had been expected to debut in January will instead start rolling into the T sometime in the early spring, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officials announced January 14.

A subcontractor’s need to test a signal system related to the new cars is causing the delay.

It’s not the first one for these Orange Line cars. The MBTA had hoped to introduce them to passengers before the end of 2018. That proved a little too ambitious, and the debut date was pushed to before February 1.

The signal system testing is expected to be finished by mid-March; and the delay for these first six is not expected to affect the rollout of the subsequent 146. Stay tuned. These cars—complete with digital screens, fold-up seats, and wider aisles than the current ones—are surely some of the most hotly anticipated subway cars in the world.