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Cambridge’s most expensive listing includes 16 rooms and nine fireplaces

House near Harvard Square dates from 1888

Photos via Leading Edge

The 16-room, nine-fireplace 8 Hubbard Park Road just to the west of Harvard Square is Cambridge’s most expensive listing at $9.8 million. It’s millions more, in fact, than the next most expensive number, a 5,325-square-foot house at 49 Hawthorn Street nearby asking $5.5 million.

That mighty $9.8M tag, of course, buys quite a lot, including said room and fireplace counts. The house—the bones of which date from 1888—also includes a two-car garage, five and a half bathrooms, an elevator, and one-third of an acre of land.

The total square footage is 7,200 or thereabouts. Have a peek.