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Massachusetts in the Atlantic time zone? Connecticut proposal raises idea again

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Move would basically push daylight one hour deeper into the day during winter

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A Connecticut lawmaker’s proposal to move the Nutmeg State out of the Eastern Standard Time zone and into the Atlantic Standard Time zone has raised the question once again of whether New England in general should make the leap.

Recall that a commission studied the idea of Massachusetts moving to Atlantic from Eastern—essentially pushing the commonwealth one hour forward, into a zone that the likes of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Bermuda use—and concluded it would only really be feasible if other New England states and maybe even New York moved as well.

The commission did conclude that the move would have its benefits: More daylight in the colder months, which might mean more commerce; savings on energy; fewer traffic accidents perhaps (who likes inching their way home in pitch blackness at 6 p.m.?); and perhaps a reduction in cases of depression.

Besides, due to daylight savings, Massachusetts is pretty much in the Atlantic zone for part of the year anyway.

Still, without other nearby states taking the leap as well the change seems a nonstarter. The same appears to go for Connecticut, where legislation introduced in early January ties any move by the state to whether Massachusetts and Rhode Island come along.

There have been similar proposals in recent years in Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Thoughts?