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Co-living company Quarters raises $300 million for U.S. expansion that includes Boston

Timeline for any opening in the city still up in the air, but the likeliest locations are in downtown

Photo courtesy of Quarters

Quarters, which bills itself as the largest co-living provider in Europe and the United States, has raised $300 million in funding for an expansion that includes Boston.

The company announced the funding on January 15. It came from its Berlin-based parent, Medici Living, and family office W5 Group.

Quarters says it operates 1,800 co-living rooms right now, and that the new funds will enable it to grow to more than 9,000 rooms, including 1,300 across the U.S. Along with Boston, the company hopes to open new co-living locations in New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Austin, Seattle, and Miami.

Right now, the company operates almost entirely in Europe, but does have a presence in Chicago and New York. A co-living space in Chicago is pictured up top.

Per a release from Quarters: “The new QUARTERS locations will be a combination of retrofits and new constructions in metropolitan areas with populations greater than 1 million and a sophisticated tech presence.” Boston certainly ticks both of those boxes.

Quarters says it will announce the expansions through 2019. As for Boston specifically, a company spokeswoman said Quarters could not reveal any specific plans or sites yet, but it is looking at downtown buildings that can house 100 to 300 residents.

Co-living projects—in which residents share basically everything but beds—have become a bit more common in Boston in recent years.