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Gothic Victorian in Jamaica Plain with 24 rooms on sale for $4.5M

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Estate dating from 1895 is one of the largest left in Boston

Photos via Campion and Company

It’s not every day that a 24-room, 15,059-square-foot house on approximately five acres of land drops in Boston proper—there just aren't that many single-families of that size in the city. But January 17 was one of those days.

That’s when the Gothic Victorian at 96 Rockwood Street in Jamaica Plain hit the sales market for $4.5 million. The baronial spread just shy of the Brookline border went up in 1895, and retains vestiges of its Gilded Age birth.

There is the size for one thing—the stone for another, and the wooded acreage as well as the sheer scope of some of the interior rooms, which include the potential for eight bedrooms. What’d you think? Campion & Company has the listing.