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Which parts of the Boston area are being overdeveloped?

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A kind of meta-theme of the Boston area the past 15 years or so has been the acute need for housing. Growth in jobs and population since the turn of the century—even through the Great Recession—has sparked a housing shortage in Boston proper and in many surrounding municipalities.

So most of the proverbial ink spilled about the need for more housing surrounds the openness to it: Where should it go, when will it go up, why isn’t more it going up, what’s with all the older NIMBYs at the public hearings, etc.?

There is little discussion or coverage of overdevelopment or potential overdevelopment—the sort that can cause that openness to new housing close right up. But overdevelopment is happening, right?

East Boston is a good example, though there is debate there over whether the neighborhood is truly being overrun with new condos and apartments its infrastructure can’t support—or whether earlier arrivals just don’t want the newcomers.

So that’s our latest open thread: Which parts of the region are being overdeveloped? And why do you think that? Sound off in the comments section below.