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Boston Common renovations will beef up park ahead of 400th anniversary in 2034

Work likely most noticeable along Tremont and Boylston streets

Felix Mizioznikov/Shutterstock

Boston plans to spend $28 million of the $102 million it pocketed from the sale of the Winthrop Square Garage on a master plan for Boston Common. The idea is to beef up America’s oldest public park ahead of its anticipated 400th anniversary in 2034.

The work is due to include design and infrastructure changes to help the greensward “withstand heavy use, New England weather, and the test of time—a vital goal for this landmark park with its complex infrastructure over garages, tunnels, and supply lines,” according to a statement announcing the plan.

Mayor Marty Walsh, the Parks and Recreation Department, and the nonprofit Friends of the Public Garden announced it on January 17. Boston-based design firm Weston & Sampson will lead the renovations.

From the announcement:

Mayor Walsh’s investment in the Common will build on a series of improvements at Tremont Street, Boylston Street, and various pathways within the park as well as significant annual investments made by the Friends for care of the park. Revitalization will consider the extraordinary level of use the Common attracts and ensure investment that preserves and celebrates this green center of downtown.

There is no timeline as yet for completion beyond the 2034 anniversary.

Recall that the city sold the Winthrop site to a private developer, which is now building one of Boston’s tallest towers in the former garage’s place.