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Which areas of the Boston region could support new multifamily housing?

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If the Boston region really is going to build itself out of the housing crunch—or at least build a ton in addition to other things such as zoning and transportation changes—then that building will need to come via multifamily housing.

That means apartments and condos stacked on top of one another and sharing many amenities and spaces. There is no other way. The region is too dense and is growing too fast for any more long rows of single-family houses with yards. Two- and three-families aren’t even going to cut it.

Go multi or go home.

That leads us to our latest open thread: Which areas of the region could support multifamily development?

They don’t have to be sweeping lots ripe for conversion or infill. They can be areas with existing low-rise buildings where the neighborhood has changed so much that several extra floors wouldn’t shock anyone. And we also think they should be near mass transit and commercial cores. Agree?

Sound off in the comments section below. Think big.