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T fare hike looms for fourth time since 2012

Last increase was more than 9 percent across the board; this one unclear so far

Kit Leong/Shutterstock

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s fiscal and management board is meeting on the morning of Monday, January 28, to consider fare hikes. It will be several weeks before any decision is final, but an increase of some sort seems likely.

It would be the fourth since 2012. The last one in 2016 saw bus fares go up 6.3 percent and subway rides increase 7.1 percent. Altogether across the MBTA system, fares rose 9.3 percent.

Legislation enacted afterward limits any increases to a maximum of 7 percent. And the MBTA has tried in recent years at least to hike fares more frequently but at smaller rates in order to keep up with rising costs, per the Globe’s Adam Vaccaro.

Of course, there are those who question any fare increases at all until service improves. Thoughts?