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Boston second-best city for football fans: study

Pittsburgh No. 1. Wait, what?

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Boston is the second-best city in America for football fans, behind only the western Pennsylvania city of Pittsburgh, according to an analysis from financial planning site WalletHub.

The site compared more than 240 U.S. cities with at least one professional or college football team across 21 metrics that included the performances of those teams, the accessibility of stadiums, and the engagement of fans.

Thanks to the Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots, Boston performed very well in the categories dealing with those cities with professional teams (though we would argue that the Pats are a truly regional franchise, with fans in Portland and Providence, say, having as much claim as those in Boston).

As mentioned, Pittsburg was No. 1 in the rankings, with Green Bay, Wisconsin, third; Dallas fourth; and New York fifth. More rankings and methodology this way.