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T fare increases include proposal to hike cost of subway ride 15 cents

New rates would take effect in July and mark fourth increase since 2012


The cost of a subway ride on the T would increase 15 cents, to $2.40, and the cost of a local bus ride 10 cents, to $1.80, under a proposal that Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officials broached on January 28.

Any increases would not take effect until July 2019, and need further agency approval this winter. Any increases, though, would mark the fourth time since 2012 that the cost of riding the T and/or commuter rail has gone up.

The last one in 2016 saw bus fares go up 6.3 percent and subway rides increase 7.1 percent. Altogether across the MBTA system, fares rose 9.3 percent. Legislation enacted afterward limits any increases to a maximum of 7 percent. Hence the current proposal, a breakdown of some of which can be found below. More can be found through here.

Chart via MBTA

The MBTA says the incremental increases are necessary to keep up with the rising operating costs of Boston-area mass transit.

T fare hike looms for fourth time since 2012 [Curbed Boston]