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Boston’s 10 most affordable market-rate homes found in four neighborhoods

Selections at the start of 2019 range from $199,000 to $289,000

Photo via Movoto

Boston’s 10 most affordable market-rate homes at the start of 2019 are clustered in a handful of neighborhoods, including Allston, Dorchester, and Roxbury, according to an analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

“This excludes properties that were income- or age-restricted, properties that required an all-cash purchase, and while those requiring ‘TLC’ (per broker language) were included, those requiring TFO (Total Fricking Overhaul) were not,” Constantine Valhouli, NeighborhoodX’s research director, said over email.

The 10 properties—condos and co-ops all of them—ranged from $199,000 to $289,000 and from $211 to $864 a square foot.

A 318-square-foot one-bedroom at 198 Allston Street in Allston accounted for that $864-per-foot unit (it’s pictured above—good luck out there). The $211-a-footer came via a 941-square-foot two-bedroom in Dorchester’s Codman Square.

Such properties “give a sense of where first-time buyers may be purchasing, and thus give a sense of where neighborhoods are going to feel pressure to change, as first-time homeowners are priced out of more familiar and centrally located neighborhoods,” Valhouli said.

Check out the chart below for more, and use the menu at its top left to toggle through data.