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Newly built South End micro-units drop starting at $489,000

East Newton Street condos average 450 square feet

Photos courtesy of Coldwell Banker

Sales started during the last week of January for 346 On the Square, a development of nine condos at 34-36 East Newton Street in the busy, busy South End.

What is interesting about these new arrivals is that they average about 450 square feet each. Coldwell Banker’s Charlie Ring, who is selling the condos, bills them as micro-units.

Remember micro-units? They were all the rage in Boston a few years back. The term has since fallen out of use, perhaps because “micro-unit” did not necessarily mean “micro-price.” (Also, micro-living is not to be confused with co-living, which is now very much alive in the city.)

These particular arrivals start at $489,000 each. The condos have modern everything, plus private basement storage and low homeowners’ association fees.

Plus, the location places them right in the middle of one of Boston’s more dynamic areas, just off Franklin and Blackstone squares and near Boston University’s medical school. Thoughts?

Photos courtesy of Coldwell Banker