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Which T stops could use more housing around them?

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A subway train pulling away from a tall, glassy station. Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A plan to build 185,000 housing units across the Boston region that several mayors announced in late 2018 included a call for more transit-oriented development.

That is, the mayors—including from Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville—want to facilitate more apartments and condos near transportation hubs, especially train and trolley stops along the T.

Whether that or other parts of the plan happen remains to be seen. But the 2018 announcement was promising in and of itself, and more transit-oriented development would surely helped to ease the region’s notorious housing crunch (as would any new development in general, right?).

So which T stops do you think should get more housing? Which ones could support more housing? It’s our latest open thread—sound off below.

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