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North Station pedestrian tunnel between commuter rail and T opens

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250-foot run connects commuter riders with Orange and Green lines

Four people walk down a tunnel that has white tiles and a painted black ceiling with bright lights. Two of the people are wearing colorful safety vests. All of the people are wearing construction hard hats.
Officials walk through the tunnel in early November 2018.
Boston Globe via Getty Images

A 250-foot-long pedestrian tunnel connecting commuter rail with the T opened at North Station on January 6.

The run—which allows riders to move from commuter rail to the Orange and the Green lines without going outside—was supposed to open in December, and is part of a slew of ongoing changes at TD Garden.

Riders had previously been forced to exit North Station through its lobby on the street level of TD Garden and then scurry to the T lines in whatever weather or through whatever crowds they encountered.

The new tunnel runs to the North Station lobby and to the T station across Causeway Street. Steve Poftak, general manager of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, noted the tunnels opening on Sunday, January 6.