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Reebok founder’s Brookline estate on sale for $38 million

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The 7-acre spread instantly becomes the second most expensive listing in the Boston area—especially since Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen cut the price of their mansion

An aerial shot of a lush estate with a city skyline in the background. Photos via Douglas Elliman

Half of the 14-acre estate that Reebok founder Paul Fireman and wife Phyllis Fireman built in 1999 is on sale for $38 million.

That makes the spread—which includes a 26,623-square-foot mansion—the second most expensive listing on the Boston market. Only a $45 million Millennium Tower penthouse in downtown Boston is pricier. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s Brookline mansion would’ve held the second spot, but the couple cut the price to a mere $33.9 million a week ago.

The Firemans’ listing might look familiar. They listed the full 14-acre footprint in late 2016 for $90 million, but it has since been split. A 7-acre parcel with the mansion is what’s on sale this go-round through Douglas Elliman’s George and Manny Sarkis.

It’s a predictably lavish feast, with eight bedrooms, eight fireplaces, and seven full bathrooms—never mind a library, a gym, a climate-controlled wine-tasting room, and a heated driveway that can fit 20 cars. Check it out.

A very large foyer with a winding marble staircase.
An elegant dining room with a long table and lots of chairs around it.
A living room with couches and a coffee table as well as large windows.
A den with furniture and a fireplace, and in the distance is a pool table.
A large patio behind a two-story mansion.