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Somerville Victorian near Union Square drops for $850,000

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The three-level single-family has three bedrooms

The entry of a house with the front door right next to the living room. Photos via Thalia Tringo

The 1,698-square-foot Victorian at 19 Putnam Street in Somerville’s fast-changing Union Square area unfolds over three levels and contains three bathrooms.

There are also two full bathrooms and a garden off the back deck. The genuine single-family—which is also near the future Union Square Green Line stop by Prospect Avenue and Webster Street—is retailing right now through Thalia Tringo for $850,000, or $500 and change a square foot.

High, yes, but only relatively so: Single-families in downtown Boston a couple of miles away are averaging more than $700 a foot. What’d you think?

A dining room with a table and chairs leading from a living room.
A kitchen with a fridge on one side, counters at the end, and a tile floor.
A bedroom with a bed and a ceiling fan.
A bathroom with a shower without a shower curtain.
An empty back deck with shrubbery on either side.