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Newly built Brookline contemporary with elevator on sale for $3 million-plus

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The house includes four bedrooms and an in-ground pool

An in-ground pool behind a newly built house. Photos via Commonwealth Prime Realty

The 3,441-square-foot contemporary at 955 Hammond Street in the South Brookline-Chestnut Hill borderlands of Brookline went up this year.

The house includes four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms as well as a sizable yard—it is Brookline, after all—with an in-ground pool and a fire pit. Much of the space, given the style, is all sharp angles and sleekness. There is also an elevator and oversized windows.

All of this, plus the location, will obviously set a buyer back: 955 Hammond is retailing through Kambiz Azami at Commonwealth Prime Realty for $3,050,000.