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Beacon Hill one-bedroom packs a lot in to its 435 square foot

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The spread includes a closet custom-built to be oversized

A snug living room with a couch facing a brick fireplace. Photos via CDA Realty Group

The 435-square-foot Unit 5 is one of five condos in Beacon Hill’s 286-288 Cambridge Street.

And, while the spread in the small building is itself small, it goes out of its way to pack a lot inside. It does this chiefly through the closet in the condo’s lone bedroom. It was custom-built to be oversized. The spread is also economical about shelving and cabinetry. And there’s a snazzy brick fireplace.

Mostly, though, Unit 5 has location going for it, smack-dab as it is in one of Boston’s more popular neighborhoods and near as it is to the Red Line’s Charles/MGH stop.

It’s this location that drives the price, whatever the unit’s size: $429,900—or $988 a square foot—through CDA Realty Group’s Michelle Belanger. Take a look.

A small kitchen with cabinetry and shelves next to it.
A small kitchen leading into a small living room.
A small bedroom with a bed, a desk, a chair, and two windows.
A large closet with shelving and drawers.