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Renovated Dorchester two-bedroom with two porches on sale for under $425,000

The Pope’s Hill spread includes one bathroom as well

A gleaming new kitchen with cabinets and countertops and doors leading out of it. Photos via Popular Properties

Unit 2 at 39 South Munroe Terrace in Dorchester’s Pope’s Hill area is the product of a renovation that has left it looking sleek and shiny throughout.

The 927-square-foot spread—retailing now through Popular Properties Realty’s Benjamin Bern for $419,000—includes two bedrooms and one bathroom as well as front and rear porches and access to a shared yard.

But the true selling point might be that price, which pencils out to a low-for-Boston $451 a square foot. What'd you think?

A living room with furniture and a ceiling fan.
A dining room with a table and chairs and three windows.
A bathroom with the shower curtain pulled back.
A bedroom with a bed, a chair, and a ceiling fan.
The back of a three-story house with stairs leading down into a yard.