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This Beacon Street duplex with three bedrooms and three fireplaces wants $9.95M

The plush Back Bay spread also comes with two garage parking spaces

A posh living room-dining room area with plush furniture and a large dining room table. Photos via Robert Paul Properties

The 4,840-square-foot, two-level Unit D at 128 Beacon Street in Back Bay includes three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and three fireplaces.

And its tag reflects that scope as well as the condo’s location: It’s retailing for $9.95 million through Robert Paul Properties’ Paul Grover—or $2,055 a square foot, a sizable sum even in today’s luxury Boston housing market.

The tag also buys two garage parking spaces that are in tandem with the 120-year-old 128 Beacon itself. Have a poke about.

The top of a stairwell with paintings on the wall.
A large kitchen with a large island with a large skylight.
A long den with a sectional couch and a large marble fireplace.
A sort of basement room with carpeting and furniture and a stairwell at one end.
A large bedroom with a bed, a dresser, and other furniture.
A one-story residential garage with the door closed.