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New England’s most expensive ZIP code is—appropriately enough—in downtown Boston

The Prudential Center area where Back Bay starts to meet the South End had a median sales price of $3.67 million in 2019

A skybridge between two buildings and over a busy street. Shutterstock

New England’s most expensive ZIP code as 2019 slouches toward a close is 02199—the area around the Prudential Center, where Back Bay starts to meet the South End—with a median sales price of $3,669,000, according to real estate research site PropertyShark.

The analysis covered closed deals year to date.

It’s probably unsurprisingly that the most expensive ZIP code for home sales north of New York City is in downtown Boston. A report for the three months ended September 30 showed steep rises in median prices for downtown condos and townhouses, for instance—20.6 percent in the case of townhouses.

What’s more, the average price per square foot for condos stood at its second highest level in 19 years. Blame (or credit) tight supply amid steady demand.

The median price for sales year-to-date in that 02199 footprint was down annually, though, some 23 percent, according to PropertyShark. Still, that placed the ZIP among the 10 priciest in the United States—and the only one of those outside of California or New York. See the chart below.

Two other Massachusetts ZIPs ranked among the nation’s 100 most expensive at the end of 2019: 02481, which covers Wellesley Hills, was No. 90 with a median price of $1,474,000; and 02493, which covers Weston, was No. 98, with a median of $1,437,000.