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Big reveal: A South End two-bedroom in a busy corner of Boston

A lot of Curbed Boston readers guessed the correct rent—did you?

An empty room next to a kitchen. Photos via Compass

Address: 534 Tremont Street, #5

Rent: $3,400

The results: Some one-third of Curbed Boston readers guessed the correct monthly rent on this 1,050-square-foot, fourth-floor unit in a particularly busy corner of Boston.

Still, the biggest vote-getter re: the two-bedroom, one-bathroom was $3,750 a month with 37 percent of the tally. A distant third went to $4,100 with 20 percent. Thanks for playing.

A new modern kitchen and the empty living room beyond it.
An empty bedroom with two windows and a ceiling fan.
A small new bathroom with two windows over the tub.