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West Cambridge mansion dating from 1838 on sale for $4.9 million as a fixer-upper

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The spread comes with a carriage house and six fireplaces as well as seven bedrooms—it could all use some work though

A foyer with peeling wallpaper and a stairwell as well as double doors leading into another room. Photos via Gibson Sotheby’s International

The 14-room, 6,488-square-foot 17 Fresh Pond Parkway in West Cambridge dates from around 1838. The pile was updated and expanded between 1909 and 1927, too, and is now on the market as a veritable fixer-upper for $4.9 million.

The Gibson Sotheby’s International listing describes the house as having “fantastic potential for renovation” and “as one of the few remaining opportunities to reinvent a significant property in the Old Cambridge Historic District.”

The house—the original address of which was the tonier-sounding 219 Brattle Street—certainly comes with some rich decades-old details, including fanlight and elliptical pediments, dentil moldings, and six-over-six windows.

Then there’s that sheer space, which includes seven bedrooms and six full bathrooms as well as six fireplaces and a carriage house. And, hey, while the aggregate total of $4.9 million is pricey by just about any measure, the $755 a foot that that breaks down to might be considered a steal for the wider region.

Aerial shot of a mansion among thick trees and a city center is in the distance.
A large, wood-walled room with a fireplace at the end, and there’s no furniture in the room.
An empty room with two windows and double doors leading into it.
An empty room with two sets of wall shelves and a fireplace.
An empty room with two radiators below different windows, and there’s a fireplace too.
A one-story carriage house with peeling paint.