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Brighton Victorian on sale for $750,000 as a fixer-upper

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The asking for the six-bedroom, which clearly needs work, highlights the current pricing trends in Boston housing

An empty room with peeling paint and a fireplace. Photos via Multu Group/Gibson Sotheby’s

You can tell a lot about a housing market by its fixer-uppers. Case in point: The 10-room, 2,597-square-foot Victorian at 24 Brainerd Road in Brighton near the Brookline line.

It clearly needs work, which the Gibson Sotheby’s listing readily acknowledges: “Stellar opportunity for owner occupants wishing to remodel and build their ideal nest, for investors looking to increase their wealth, as well as for developers who look to turn a profit.”

Still, because of its size and location, the six-bedroom, two-bathroom 24 Brainerd is asking $750,000 firs. That pencils out to $288 a square foot, which might be considered a deal in Boston’s current housing market, but then there’s the matter of the remodeling costs. What’d you think?

A large porch with a front door and no furniture.
A large foyer with a stairwell.
An empty room ending in a bow window.
An empty room with a glass-enclosed shelf and three doors leading from it.
A spacious kitchen with a fridge and stove and not much else.
An empty room with a door opening into it and there’s a closed door to a closet next to that.