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Commonwealth Avenue three-bedroom with direct elevator access asks $5.25 million

The elegant spread unfolds in a 19th-century apartment building redeveloped four years ago into a luxury condo

A long living room, ending in a bay window, with furniture. Photos via Tracy Campion of Campion & Company

The 2,095-square-foot Unit 4 at 9 Commonwealth Avenue in Back Bay unfolds in a former apartment building dating from the late 19th century that developers converted to luxury condos in the middle of the decade.

The spread includes three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms as well as direct elevator access. The sizable living room includes three bay windows overlooking the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, and the tag covers a garage parking spot.

What is that tag? Given the scope and the location of Unit 4, it’s pretty steep, even for modern Boston. The condo is asking $5.25 million—or $2,505 a square foot—through Tracy Campion.

A sitting room with a table and chairs as well as a fireplace.
A kitchen with a large island and chairs around it.
A bedroom with a bed and two large windows.
A sizable bathroom with lost of cabinetry and a glass-enclosed shower.
A sparse home office with a desk and a chair.