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Cambridge renovation produces sleek contemporary asking $1.8 million

There had been an old two-family house at the Neighborhood Nine site

A sleek, airy living room with furniture and a staircase with a clear banister. Photos via Real Living Barbera Associates

Unit 157 at 157 Chilton Street in Cambridge’s Neighborhood Nine is the product of the renovation of a two-family house dating from 1915 (the former house is pictured below).

The work left behind two sleekly contemporary condos with all the bells and whistles, including Bluetooth technology for turning on the ceiling fans. Unit 157 is currently retailing through Real Living Barbera Associates for $1.795 million.

The exterior of a boxy, two-family house. LandVest

It runs to 2,018 square feet, and includes three bedrooms as well as three and a half bathrooms. The price also covers two off-street parking spots and a private patio.

A living room as seen from over the top of a marble kitchen island with a sink.
A modern open kitchen with an island with a sink.
A bathroom sink and vanity with a round mirror above it.
A rectangular three-story house.