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Recently converted Davis Square contemporary asks $800,000

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The glossy condo includes two bedrooms

A modern kitchen with a fan above the stove and a living room visible over the counter. Photos via Steve Bremis Group

Unit 2 at 47 Electric Avenue in Somerville’s fast-changing Davis Square is the product of a conversion this year of a building dating from 1900.

The sleek second-floor spread runs to approximately 1,000 square feet, and includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has touches such as sound insulation, including for footsteps, and energy efficiencies throughout, including for bathwater.

The condo does not come cheap, as one might expect of new construction in such a popular neighborhood: Unit 2 wants $799,990—or $799 a square foot—through the Steve Bremis Realty Group.

Come to think of it, though, that sum might be considered a steal in nearby downtown Boston.

An open living room with furniture, and there’s a counter with chairs on one side.
A bathroom with a soaking tub and a glass shower with a wooden bench.
An airy bedroom with a bed.
A bathroom with a soaking tub.
An open living room with furniture and three windows.