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How’s your Boston-area commute?

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Sound off


A report in early February concluded that Boston had the worst rush-hour traffic in the United States. Gnashing of teeth and wailing ensued. Recriminations and rationalizations abounded. (Though the reasons for the general gridlock are pretty straightforward.)

The report and the reaction leads to this week’s open thread: How is your commute?

Is it a long one? The Boston area has quite a few supercommuters. Is it pretty reasonable? Do you have to hit certain spots at certain times, though; reach certain exits, and be at certain corners (if your commute is by the T)? Do you leave extra-early and come home later than you’d like?

More importantly, has your commute gotten worse in recent years? Why or why not? Worsening commutes seem to go hand in hand with the region’s growth as the Boston area slaps on residents and higher housing costs push them farther from commercial centers.

So how’s your commute these days? Sound off in the comments section below.