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Boston fun? Some say no way, citing beer garden proposal

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But didn’t the city just shut down for a Super Bowl parade? And who’s defining fun anyway?

Boston Globe via Getty Images

A recent state legislative proposal to more closely regulate the beer gardens that have become so seasonally popular in Boston in particular has some asking whether the Massachusetts capital and New England’s largest city is no fun.

There is also the ban on happy hours, the repeated failure of late-night T service to take hold, the general (and literal) puritanical past of the city, several high-profile restaurant and bar closings lately, and more—all of it seeming to paint a picture of a Boston not quite with it in the same way that cities such as New York, L.A., even Portland, Maine, are.

But is it true? The legislation regarding beer gardens has more to do with the paperwork behind them than some kind of universal crackdown. And there is plenty of fun stuff in Boston that has nothing to do with ethanol consumption.

Plus, didn’t downtown just recently shut down for a big parade for a big sports team? Though—wait—city police ticketed cafes for serving patio-side on that day. Guess it does go either way. What’d you think? Is Boston no fun?