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Boston-area drivers will spend more than 10 days on average commuting this year: Report

That’s well above the national average and another sign that Boston’s traffic is some of the worst in the world


Boston-area residents will lose more than 10 days commuting in 2019, according to an analysis of Census data from independent news site

Not surprisingly—given the region’s notoriously bad traffic—that projection of 10-plus days spent commuting behind the wheel this year is well ahead of the 7.4 days that Americans on average will expend in 2019.

Specifically, the analysis found that drivers should expect a 29.7-minute one-way average commute in the Cambridge-Newton-Framingham area—basically, west of Boston—and should expect to lose 10.02 days.

Drivers should expect a 32-minute one-way average commute in Boston, with a loss of 10.79 days on average.

These time-lost figures are what drivers in the Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta areas also face in 2019. The only silver lining, really? That we’re not drivers in the New York area, where they’ll waste more than 12 days on average this year.