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T fares to go up again, with one-way subway cost increasing 15 cents

Commuter rail rides will also cost more, though bus trips will not; MBTA vows not to hike fares again for three years


As expected, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has again raised fares.

The standard cost of a one-way subway or trolley ride will go up 15 cents, to $2.40, under a proposal the MBTA approved March 11. Commuter rail trips will go by as much as 75 cents each; and the cost of monthly CharlieCards will increase $5.50.

The new fares are slated to go into effect July 1, and represent the fourth time since 2012 that the MBTA has raised ridership costs.

But! The good news is that these will likely be the last fare hikes for at least three years. The MBTA board agreed not to raise them again for that long, per the Globe’s Adam Vaccaro, perhaps sensing a bit of unrest among the T-going populace.

Also, the board held the line on bus fares. It also called on state leaders to focus on other revenue streams beyond fares. Maybe congestion pricing?