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Silver Line to Kendall and Sullivan squares? That’s the plan

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It’s years off, but officials want the Silver—or something like it—to run through Somerville and by the future Encore Boston Harbor casino

Boston Globe via Getty Images

State, regional, and local agencies are planning to extend the Silver Line from Chelsea to Charlestown’s Sullivan Square and Cambridge’s Kendall Square. The latter extension would include a route through Somerville.

The extensions are years off, however, and would not necessarily involve Silver Line buses. But the plans are an acknowledgement of the likely growth in these areas and along these corridors—perhaps most especially in Somerville, where the Green Line extension underway is already driving development.

The extensions would also include stops at the future Encore Boston Harbor casino-resort in Everett, which is scheduled to open this spring, per the Globe’s Adam Vaccaro.

It should be noted, too, that this talk of extending the Silver Line to Kendall and Sullivan, and by Encore Boston Harbor, is coming not even a year after the line started going regularly into Chelsea. It’s also coming amid other improvements to bus service in the Boston region. Stay tuned.