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Uber and Lyft rides to Logan Airport could get more expensive under Massport proposal

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Agency says it’s trying to curb congestion; proposal also calls for new pickup spots

The back windshield of a car making its way through a downtown, and there’s a U sticker on the windshield. Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Massachusetts Port Authority is considering raising the pickup and the drop-off fees for app-hail services going to and from Logan Airport to $5 a ride from $3.25.

The move is an apparent bid to curb the congestion that the likes of Uber and Lyft contribute to at New England’s biggest transportation hub.

Massport says it will use the money raised from the increased fees—which would become among the highest such in the nation, per the Globe’s Adam Vaccaro—to boost Logan Express bus service, including through a new, partially free route from the airport to North Station.

Massport’s proposal doesn’t stop at fees. It would also move pickup and drop-off locations for Uber, Lyft, et al, to two sections of Logan’s central parking garage from just outside of the terminals. One would be for passengers of terminals A and E, and the other for those coming from terminals B and C.

As for the increased fee, the agency is proposing a break for those willing to pool: $2.50 for riders who share their Uber and Lyfts with other riders.

Nothing’s finalized yet, and the Massport idea faces opposition from the app-hail companies themselves and skepticism from officials. Stay tuned.