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Boston area’s first marijuana store looks likely to be just off the Green Line in Brookline

Medical marijuana dispensary just landed a license to sell to the general public

Opening day in Northampton in November 2018.
AFP/Getty Images

New England Treatment Access, a medical marijuana dispensary in Brookline, has obtained a license to sell marijuana recreationally. The shop at 160 Washington Street, then, looks likely to become the first non-medical cannabis vendor in the Boston area.

Currently, the closest pot shop to Boston proper is in Salem. The Brookline spot—a former bank branch already serving as the site of the medical marijuana dispensary—is expected to open for general sales in the next few weeks, per the Globe.

That general sales start is expected to prompt some serious lines. When New England Treatment Access launched recreational sales in Northampton in November 2018—one of the first two pot shops on the entire East Coast then—more than 2,000 people showed up.

In Brookline, the company has agreed to open on a Saturday to help local police manage the expected swarms. No exact date has been set. Stay tuned, but know one thing in advance: The shop is near two Green Line stops at Broadway Village and Riverway. Take the green to the green, and stay off the roads.