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Roxbury brownstone back on the market with conversion potential

Fort Avenue spread dating from 1899 could go all in one or partly as a condo

Photos courtesy of Compass

The 3,329-square-foot brownstone at 49 Fort Avenue in Roxbury had been on the sales market in the fall of 2018 for $1.33 million.

Compass, the brokerage behind it, delisted it to await the traditionally more fortuitous spring market. It’s back on now, then, but with a twist.

The entire two-family, three-level brownstone with some five bedrooms and outdoor space is on offer—again through Compass—for $1.198 million. But! The parlor-level unit is asking $869,000 separately. That 2,430-square-foot Unit 2 includes three bedrooms.

Compass says that whichever offer is accepted first—for either the brownstone in total or the condo—wins. In the case of the latter, a conversion will commence.

Both parts share the same sleek interior and capaciousness. Check it out.