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Which infrastructure projects should be on the Boston area’s to-do list?

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Railroad tracks heading into a city, with construction equipment to the right.
Construction on the Green Line in April.
Boston Globe via Getty Images

There are a lot of big infrastructure efforts under way in the Boston region—the Green Line extension, numerous bridge projects, and high-profile park upgrades, to name a few—and several others planned.

The planned ones include everything from more park upgrades to major sidewalk fixes to a direct underground connection between the Red and the Blue lines to major new bike routes-slash-safety measures to lowering the Mass. Pike in Allston to any number of initiatives to combat the effects of climate change.

But an upcoming community meeting about years-long efforts to sink Somerville’s McGrath Highway Overpass to street level and better connect the city got us to thinking: Which projects are not even planned, much less funded, approved, and under way? Which regional infrastructure goals are still somewhere well beyond the proverbial drawing board?

There might be some obvious ones. T extensions are always on someone’s radar—why not the Blue to Lynn or the Red to Lexington? And with the rise of micromobility in the region, never mind construction booms in some areas, it might be time to talk about more permanent street closures and the like. A sea wall perhaps?

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