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Logan Express from Back Bay providing riders ticket to skip ahead in security lines

Action another move to ease traffic at Logan Airport

Aerial view of security lines at Logan Airport. Boston Globe via Getty Images

Riders who take the Logan Express bus from Back Bay Station to Logan Airport’s terminals will now receive a ticket entitling them to skip security lines at the aviation hub.

The Massachusetts Port Authority started handing out the orange-hued vouchers on May 1. The agency says it’s part of an effort to ease traffic congestion at the airport.

That effort, of course, includes major changes to the costs and the logistics of taking app-hailed services such as Uber and Lyft to and from Logan. Those changes—which involve moving pickups and drop-offs to the central parking garage from the terminals for most of the day—are rolling out in October.

As part of the Logan Express change, the MBTA also lowered the cashless fare—from $7.50 each way to $3 to Logan and free from the airport to Back Bay Station. The station stop is itself new, as the MBTA moved it there from Copley Square to make it easier to connect with the Orange Line and commuter rail.

The change at the airport, which involves a dedicated security line just for Logan Express riders coming from Back Bay (the sign for it is orange too), is thought to be the first of its kind in the nation.