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CharlieCards at Boston City Hall, public libraries now under new program

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Plastic, refillable fare cards had been available only at certain T stations at certain times

Boston Globe via Getty Images

Riders can now pick up CharlieCards at Boston City Hall and at numerous public libraries in the city under a new program the city launched in early May with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

“The MBTA wants to meet our customers where they are,” MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak said in a statement. “By providing CharlieCards at new convenient locations, this allows our customers to pay fares at a lower rate than both cash and Charlie Tickets.”

Indeed, using the plastic, refillable CharlieCard can save 50 cents per subway ride and 30 cents per bus fare versus using cash or paper tickets (or at least until new fares take effect July 1). Also, it’s easier to put more money on a CharlieCard. They can be refilled using cash and credit or debit cards.

Until the new program, CharlieCards had been available only at specific times at 18 stations around the region. Now riders can pick them up throughout the business day in the first- and third-floor lobbies of Boston City Hall as well as in the reception area of the mayor’s office on the fifth floor.

They can also be picked up at these libraries for loading with money elsewhere.

  • Egleston Branch, 2044 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury
  • Fields Corner Branch, 1520 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester
  • Mattapan Branch, 1350 Blue Hill Avenue, Mattapan
  • East Boston Branch, 365 Bremen Street, East Boston
  • Charlestown Branch, 179 Main Street, Charlestown
  • Brighton Branch, 40 Academy Hill Road, Brighton
  • Connolly Branch, 433 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
  • West Roxbury Branch, 1961 Centre Street, West Roxbury
  • Roslindale Branch, 4246 Washington Street, Roslindale
  • Hyde Park Branch, 35 Harvard Avenue, Hyde Park

The city says it and the MBTA will add more branches “soon.”