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Where would you move if you left the Boston area?

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New survey says a lot of Boston tenants are mulling Providence and Worcester


This week’s Red Line derailment and the chaos it created surely had many Boston-area residents wondering why they stay here at all.

The mass transit and the vehicular traffic are routinely epic headaches—and, hey, here come fare hikes for the T in two weeks—and the cost of living in the Boston region is one of the highest of any U.S. metro area. The No. 1 reason for that, of course, is the cost of housing hereabouts. Only San Francisco and New York really compare nationally.

So. Given those costs and headaches, residents could be forgiven for plotting the odd exit strategy. But to where? That’s our open thread this week: Which city or area would you move to if you left the Boston area? Why?

For what it’s worth, Apartment List, a real estate listings search site, recently surveyed Boston users, and found that Providence (pictured) was the most searched alternative for users looking to leave the Boston area. Worcester was a distant second and Rochester, New York, was right behind that.

Another survey from another site back in 2017 found that Portland, Maine, was the most coveted landing spot for residents parachuting out of the region.

What’s your Plan B? Sound off in the comments section below or on social.