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How will the T fare increases affect you?

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New single-ride and CharlieCard prices go into effect July 1


Fare increases for the T kick in July 1, the fourth time since 2012 that the Massachusetts Transportation Authority has raised ridership costs.

The standard cost of a one-way subway or trolley ride is going up 15 cents, to $2.40. Commuter rail trips will go up as much as 75 cents each; and the cost of monthly CharlieCards will increase $5.50, to $90. A seven-day CharlieCard will run $22.50 instead of $21.25. (More here on other fares and discount programs.)

This all leads to our latest open thread: How will the T fare hikes affect you? Will they curb your use of mass transit? Cause you to alter your commute? Make no difference at all?

The fare hikes are necessary for service improvements along the T, according to MBTA officials. They certainly arrive amid continued headaches and hassles surrounding the system, which is indeed in need of myriad fixes, upgrades, and additions. And a new payment system—a tap-and-go, all-electronic setup similar to what Londoners use—appears to be delayed indefinitely.

It’s not all bad news, of course—the Silver Line has expanded significantly and the Green Line looks like it will finally roll through Somerville into Medford sooner rather than later. And then there are the new train cars.

Still, the pace of the fare hikes is impossible to ignore. How will the newest ones affect you? Sound off in the comments section below.