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Dorchester loft with one raised bedroom on sale for under $600 a square foot

Capacious spread off Dorchester Avenue includes office space, parking

A capacious loft in Dorchester. Photos via Gibson Sotheby’s Michael Carucci

Unit 33 at 944 Dorchester Avenue near the JFK/UMass stop in Dorchester runs to 1,114 capacious square feet, and includes one bedroom that is raised up to make room for potential office space underneath.

The third-floor spread—on sale now through Gibson Sotheby’s Michael Carucci—also comes with access to a shared roof deck and to a parking space in 944 Dorchester’s garage.

The tag, too, is pretty competitive for today’s Boston housing market: The one-bathroom Unit 33 wants $615,000, or $552 a square foot.

A dining room in a loft in Dorchester.
A modern kitchen in a Dorchester loft.
Stairs and office space in a Dorchester loft.
A raised bedroom in a Dorchester loft.
Office space underneath a raised bedroom in a Dorchester loft.